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Publications 2023

2023 December 2023 Illinois State Poetry Society's winning poems: Synapses are Dying and Paper Boat by Bakul Banerjee

 The Paper Boat (Form: Viator) 2nd Place Winner                                              

The paper boat floated down the stream.

Why do I remember its crimson sail?

Or was it the setting sun that colored it?

You wrapped your palm around mine.


As I dug into the mud, my feet wobbled.

The paper boat floated down the stream.

Your right arm was by me. I leaned

to you on an impulse to steady myself.


Distant thunder and lightning neared

with pelting rain. The stream swelled.

The paper boat floated down the stream

faster. The wet white sail crumpled.


I willed myself into an implausible reverie.

The boat and I became one. How did I know

that it would be a vanishing memory?

The paper boat floated down the stream.

2023 October 15, Poems in Rivulets 35,  Meeting You, Swimming in School, 

2023 October 1, An Immigrant Woman's First Job

2023 June 1, Delivering Macaroni, Red Noise Collective

2023 February 18, Addison Center of Arts hosts Expressions: Arts and Verse 2023. Art works of members of Addison Center of Arts will be displayed. Illinois State Poetry Society members will read the Ekphrastic poems based on the art work. I will read my poem Miraculous Flights. For more information, see

This event is sponsored by Illinois Arts Council.

2023 January Bengali Association of Greater Chicago (BAGC) Newsletter: Abide in Me: an essay on Bakul’s journey to becoming the first woman priest at a mainstream Bengali temple in the U.S. Page 5 

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Selected Technical Paper Authorship Related to High Energy Physics Mega Projects

Bakul Banerjee's High Energy Physics Authorship:

Publications 2022

Bakul Banerjee: Anandalipi 2022: Curious Memories in a New Country, page 125;

Bakul Banerjee: 2022 Marylyn Houghton Keyton Founders Prize for poetry (Naperville Writers Group) Winner - The Sandstorm

Bakul Banerjee: Allium - A Journal of Poetry and Prose An Immigrant Woman's Fish Stories This short story has been nominated for the 2022 Pushcart Prize.

Bakul Banerjee: Panoply magazine - An Accidental Appalachian It is based on an event during my brief stay in southern Ohio. 

Bakul Banerjee’s poems on Index of ISPS Member Poems by Author (

The Sandstorm

The color of the sky was turning acid green.

“Close the windows.” Mother was screaming.

I was peeking at love letters in the cookie tin,

that my father wrote to his new bride. I gave in.


Closing windows against the wind was daunting.

Despite efforts, the fierce sandstorm blew in.

In the summer afternoon, the house went dark.

I could not remember where I left the old tin.

The power was out. In the darkness, I tasted grit.

Ganga, that’s what my father called her. I kept

thinking. Was she like the mighty river swollen

by the monsoon, shimmering under the moonlight?


Thursday, March 24, 2022

Featured Poet @ ISPS Last Sunday Reading on March 27, 2022

On March 27, 2022, at 12:30 pm, Bakul will be one of the featured poets at the Illinois State Poetry Society's event at Brewed Awakening Cafe. More details at: Navigate to Last Sunday.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Publications: 2020 - 2021

2021: Because You Cared, an essay about navigating a year plagued by COVID-19, moving, and caring for an Alzheimer’s patient; 2021 North American Bengali Conference Global Souvenir Magazine, Pages 145 to 149

2021: Featured poet of January 2021 issue of Quill and Parchment.

Dreaming of Gallipoli – WW! 1915

The Dulcimer Klein Creek Farm

Reading Jibananda in Snowstorm

2021: Circles of Light This poem honors Bengali poet Jibananda Das in the Poets on Poets issue

2021: Poems – Three Mulberry Trees and The Virtual Playtime, Anandalipi2021, P. 105,

2020: A Fascinating Journey with Unmesh Writing Group,

2018: Gifts of Food and Goodwill, Ananda Sambad, Page 5 Page 5

Sunday, January 26, 2020

It Began with Geometry

During the waning days of 2019, Spark Magazine asked me to write an essay about something I am passionate about. I wrote an essay titled "It Began with Geometry"